Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dressing up your walls

Given that wallpapers are reaching their peak on the fashion scale, the new trend will be to create unique, personalized wall coverings - be that a large digital image, a mural, customized wallpaper, creative stenciling (yes, it’s back!), wall hanging or installation art. When considering incorporating wallpaper or wall decades in a room there are so many choices to choose from, anything from bold design to flamboyant tones. Update tired looking neutral schemes by using one bold pattern. When combined with earth tones, this will guarantee definition and interest. Leathers are gaining in popularity as a wall finish, these can be applied directly to the wall or to a panel for a warm look. Trends swing back and forth and wallpaper designs were very minimal, but now there is an interest in decorating walls a little more elaborately. You can also use stickers or images on your walls instead of wallpaper.

Although wallpaper is back - it is not to be put on all your walls. They are used only on one wall of a room to create a feature wall or a canvas of focus. So don’t go over the top!.. Besides funky and retro patterns, there is a growing tendency for traditional patterns - but, again, with a modern twist. Check out these collections:

The other direction that has influenced wallpaper design are the Orientals. These designs will continue to thrive. They can be very seductive, feminine and exotic.
Check out The blueprint collection by Florence Broadhurst.

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