Saturday, March 8, 2008

Birtday Celebration

Today March 8th is my birthday! When you reach a certain age birthday's are not as exiting as they used to be....but where ever there is a birthday there is a party! In this post I want to give some ideas on how to throw a birthday party. Balloons are always fun, but limit it to one or two colors. It would be nice to use real plates and silverware, but who wants to spend the next morning doing dishes?! Target has a nice "Delux Party Kit" in different colors to chose from.
When serving drinks, wine or beer it's a good idea to have drink tags, this way you will not have any orphant drinks sitting around. Here are some fun examples of those:

Another good idea is to make a fruit punch that you can serve as a welcome drink. Make sure to keep a bucket of ice near by, having the punch sitting on the bar or the counter it will get warm pretty quickly.
Last but not least there is the birthday cake! My favorite food blog is:, here you can find some good recipes if you like to make your own. Don't these cakes look yummy! :)


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