Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's funny to see the contrast between new and old architecture. In the background you can see a building that Is a large phallic symbol (or at least I think so) standing erect in the center of Barcelona.

This Jesus Statue is standing on top of a church that is on top of the highest point of Barcelona, embracing the city with his arms.

Barcelona is included in the top 10 list by the Travel Magazine under the category of must-visit places in Europe, mainly because of it's interesting architecture by Gaudi developed between 1885 and 1950. Below are some of his master works.

Touring the Joan Miro museum here were some interesting things that I found in the gift shop.

The adorable little SMART car is everywhere in Europe! It's the cutest thing!
This was a patio where I used to go and have breakfast.
Walking around I came across this great furnishing store called VINCON
which had some very interesting designs, check out their website.

Right in the center of the city they have HABITAT which is one of my favorite home furnishing stores, I'm crossing my fingers that one day they will open a store in LA!

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Anonymous said...

....great pictures from your Europe trip...
Love Barcelona!