Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cloudy Whites

Lately I have been considering integrating a lot more whites to my decor, I'm tired of the dark heavy woods that has been the dominant interior for the last 5 years in my home. The temptation to just paint all the dark wooden furniture in a crisp glossy white has been lingering in my mind for a while now and by the way; the dust shows less on white, which is another reason to add why I should go ahead and pursue this big makeover project. Here are some of my white inspirations. I don't think I would go ALL white, some color would be nice to add to it, but haven't decided how much or which ones. I do love the contrast between black and white and would love to paint all my window frames black. For some reason I can see orange and bubble gum pink with the black and the white....and maybe some splashes of grass green in form of a nice big plant...and maybe some smaller ones as well. For some reason, pink cherry blossom comes into my vision, maybe as a wallpaper on one of the walls. If and when I decide to do this, it will be a fun project.

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house decor said...

Wow very white, this must be what Heaven looks like