Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kokeshi the Japanese wooden doll

These two I bought in Tokyo

About a year ago when I was staying in Tokyo it was the first time I had ever seen a Kokeshi doll, and I fell in love! I bought a bunch to bring back home for myself and for gifts. The lady I bought it from asked me if I was single and I said Yes, then she responded in broken English; The Kokeshi doll will bring you a man. Wow I thought, I better keep two for myself just to increase their powers....but so far still no Mr. Right! :(
The Kokeshi doll reminds me of the Russian nesting doll "babushka", but a much cuter version.
If you are interested in buying one but are not going to Japan any time soon, i'm sure you can find one
on Ebay or you can check out that sells a wide variety at their online store.


andrea of ffft said...

Oh these are just too adorable. I don't need another thing to collect thank you very much... NOW look what you have done! I am already mentally clearing space on my bookshelf for one.. or three... or seven


Sharon said...

Hi Peggy,

This is Sharon from Australia. I have been looking for a nice Kokeishi couple for years. I heart the one you put up - the boy in blue and the girl in red with a baby.

I'm wondering if you are willing to sell it out. My boyfriend is leaving me in a month time for 2 years for a national service. I would like to get this to him to remember me.

This is my email address (as well as MSN):

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks heaps.