Saturday, March 22, 2008

My bedroom make-over

For the last few years I have been in a gray phase when it comes to the interior of my bedroom, but something happened this year where it became all about the whites and the cloudy soft look. I wanted my bedroom to look like heaven on earth. I choose to leave 3 of my walls the gray color i had before and paint the one behind the bed in a grayish blue, which symbolizes the sky.It took me a long time to find the right shade, and still I feel it's a little too bright. I recovered my headboard in a very soft furry fabric, It's almost like a big rectangular teddy bear that comforts you at night. The nightstands are dressers from IKEA that i put casters on, and attached my own choice of handles (also IKEA). Before I found these drawer units it was almost impossible to find something long with drawers in the right hight. The lamps are my favorite thing of the make-over. With the big round glass base and the little hat on the shade + dimmer included they give just the right amount of light at any time. A dimmer is crucial in a bedroom setting! I love the little hat on top of the shade which prevents you from being blinded by the light bulb. These lamps are brand new to IKEA and a little bit on the pricey side ($80 each) but very well worth it. My other favorite thing in the room is the crocheted throw on the bed that I found at a thrift store, It reminds me of my grandma who did crochet as a form of relaxation or meditation. The three little owls that sit on one of the night stands, I got for my birthday. They are meant to be used as tea cups, but I thought they were so adorable that I thought it was a shame to have them hidden in a kitchen cabinet. Owls are usually awake at night, so I figured if I put them in by bedroom they would watch over me. :)
I don't know if i'm imagining or if i'm actually sleeping better in my new heavenly bedroom, but I wake up every morning feeling like a new person.

Below is how my old bedroom used to look like. For my last birthday I made a tribute to my closest friends by having their faces printed on canvas and stretched on frames and hung over my bed. The thought was to be reminded every morning and every night about what great friends I have and how much they all mean to me. Not having any family here in the US my friends are like my family away from home.


blinkdecor said...

I love the fabric you covered your headboard in. Where did you get it. I have also been looking for curly lamb if you know of a resource

Peggy said...

Hello from one Peggy to another! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your travels. Just wanted to let you know - I adore your lamps! And it looks like you have some cute vases on your nightstands. Can I see closeups of them? Do you have a flickr set?

andrea of ffft said...

It's gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it. Next time you are in Vancouver we will go shopping. Although I am not sure that Vancouver will make it on your list, not as sunny as your other destinations ;)

I am much impressed with your blog and you are hereby added to my roll!

house decor said...

Ha ha Love the fluffy headboard